WWTP Buhusi



Buhusi wastewater treatment plant is designed for 32,481 PE (Equivalent Population), using a biological process with mechanical and biological treatment of the wastewater and with simultaneous aerobic stabilization of the sludge.


As a FIDIC Yellow contract (design and build) was done in association with Strabag Romania - Constructii Erbasu and HPC Diering Romania/ HPC AG.


Management work by Strabag Romania, Site work by Constructii Erbasu, Technological design by HPC AG and structural design by HPC Diering Romania.

As an employee of HPC Diering Romania Mr. Liviu Ion was nominated as principal Structural Design Engineer for all design stages of the whole project.


HPC Diering Romania did the planning application stage and the whole structural design for all structural objects from the site, offered site assistance, and specific site visits for a critical phase of building process.


The entire design package included administrative buildings, workshops, pumping stations, rectangular and circular water tanks design with their specifics request and need of special detailed design.