Basements Design



We have successfully carried out the design of numerous underground structures. These have ranged from small or large basements that extend under the whole footprint, front and rear gardens of the houses to industrial structures.

Basements is a Londoners the must-have extension for clients wanting extra space.


We prepare our design to match the contractor’s preferred construction method which then allows them to construct the basement in the way they are most used to. This turns in a faster and better site work quality which ultimately benefits the client.


Our Design Process

We providing solutions for day-to-day temporary works activities and a realistic approach is always embedded in our design. Our knowledge of structural engineering and construction methodology has provided innovative solutions resulting in alternative design and construction processes. These have resulted in both cost and time savings on contracts.


It is essential that the stability of a structure is maintained throughout the construction process and this is reflected in our designs. We are totally committed to creating a safe working environment on all our projects.


The majority of basement construction requires issuing a Party Wall Notices to adjoining owners. Our knowledge of the Party Wall Act ensures we are the first point of contact for Party Wall Surveyors in providing reliable, specialist design reviews.


Ground Movement Assessments

We have our Chartered Geologist expert that can assist us in undertaking the assessment for simple conditions. Therefore we can undertake movement assessments. We consider movement in line with the guidance of CIRIA’s C580 and also included the heave if the clay that occurs when the soil is excavated.


These provide predictions on the level of movement that may occur to the property and also the surrounding areas. The level of movement is related back to strains within the building and these are equated to damage categories under the Burland Scale.

Typically, movements between slight to very slight are predicted. However in our experience, from site monitoring records, the level of movement has been less that